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Lembram-se dos meus primeiros passos no longo caminho da jardinagem? Desde então tenho semeado muitas outras coisas: alguns legumes e ervas aromáticas de que gostamos especialmente, e apenas flores que fiquem bem em jarras… o meu interesse pela jardinagem é puramente utilitário! As sementes de courgette entretanto germinaram e improvisei estufas com sacos de plástico para aquelas sementes que precisam de cuidados especiais.
Remember my first steps in the long path of gardening? Since that day I’ve been sowing several other things: some vegetables and herbs which we’re especially fond of and only flowers good for cutting… my interest in gardening is purely utilitarian! We now have some courgette seedlings and I’ve used plastic bags as improvised greenhouses for those seeds that need to be under cover.
(images: Constança Cabral)

6 thoughts on “Progressos :: Progress

  1. orange sugar home says:

    I am in love with your blog! I read British Country Living and am constantly dreaming of just the things you post about. So happy to find your blog (through Ornamelle). I look forward to checking in…..
    PS do you have an AGA? Seems you must have an AGA to live in the country? 🙂


  2. diariodeunacouturier says:

    I really envy you can have such a beautiful garden and the opportunity to learn about a more natural life.


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