Beach sewing

Nem de férias abandono a minha máquina de costura. Tê-la trazido comigo tem sido uma óptima desculpa para me poder refugiar dentro de casa durante as horas de maior calor, e assim seguir o horário de praia das crianças pequenas: às vezes de manhã, e todas as tardes das 16h em diante. No outro dia fiz este saco para a minha amiga Mafalda. Ela gostou!
Not even on holidays do I abandon my sewing machine. Bringing her along with me is proving to be a great excuse to avoid the sun during those hot hours; this means I’ve been following the beach schedule of a small child: some days in the early morning, and every afternoon from 4 pm onwards. Some days ago I made this bag for my friend Mafalda. She liked it!

(images: Tiago Cabral)

7 thoughts on “Beach sewing

  1. Creative Cotton says:

    very elegant bag. Soothing colors are perfect for a hot summer. All your friends are lucky to have you. I just finished my belated Mother's day gift that is a cute bag too. Ready to fly to India. 🙂


  2. Lady P says:

    i love that idea – i had a lighter machine that i used to carry when i went to visit friends and i made two lovely sets of pillows for hosts houses while on “vacation”


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