Stylish Stylist :: Martha Bernabe

Tenho passado os dias fechada em casa a tratar de encomendas, e estou a precisar de alguma inspiração que me transporte para outros lugares. Lembrei-me então de partilhar hoje convosco o trabalho da stylist Martha Bernabe, para que me possam acompanhar nesta viagem de cores e sabores. Espero que gostem!
I’ve been spending my days locked up in my flat working on custom orders, and I feel the need to look at pictures that inspire me and transport me to other places. I thought I’d share with you today the work of stylist Martha Bernabe, so you can keep me company in this voyage of colours and flavours. Enjoy!

11 thoughts on “Stylish Stylist :: Martha Bernabe

  1. Creative Cotton says:

    Bon courage for your orders and all the hard-work you are doing to fill the houses of your admirers with your lovely products and ofcourse their hearts with joy! 🙂 Thanks for sharing this talented lady's work.


  2. Lady P says:

    i love when you introduce the stylists to us – it is so good to see how someone makes beauty by laying things out and photographing them
    as usual
    over here 🙂


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