Crafty Mama

A minha mãe é uma senhora muito prendada. Entre muitas coisas, tricota e cose muito e bem; aliás, já aqui mostrei algumas das suas criações. Recentemente, tem-se interessado por patchwork e quilting. Este é o quilt top que fez ontem, inspirado neste Bento Box quilt. Não está giro? Os tecidos são americanos, japoneses e franceses.
My mum is a very gifted lady. Among many things, she knits and sews a lot and very well; I have already shown you some of her creations. Recently, she is becoming interested in patchwork and quilting. This is the quilt top she made yesterday, inspired by this Bento Box quilt. Doesn’t it look great? The fabrics are American, Japanese and French.

(image: Constança Cabral)

17 thoughts on “Crafty Mama

  1. Jacqueline says:

    Your mama is soo talented and that quilt is beautiful. I love the colors. It is exciting to see other quilt and patch work as i just very recently took up a quilting workshop. 😀 Have a lovely merry happy day!


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