Clutch Week :: the end

E asssim acaba a semana das clutches. Espero que tenham gostado destes sete dias dedicados às mais femininas das carteiras e lembrem-se!, estou à espera das vossas participações no desafio clientes orgulhosas. Amanhã o blog voltará à sua actividade habitual: conto, como sempre, com a vossa presença e comentários. Boa semana!
And so ends clutch week. I hope you’ve enjoyed the seven days dedicated to the most feminine of all bags. And remember: I’m waiting for your contributions to the proud clients challenge. Tomorrow the blog will go back to its usual activity: as always, I’m counting on your presence and comments. Have a nice week!

(images: Constança Cabral)

6 thoughts on “Clutch Week :: the end

  1. Bárbara da Suécia says:

    Rica esta semana de clutches!
    E as tuas fotos estão lindíssimas. Estás mesmo a desenvolver o teu styling e as fotos estão de primeira.


  2. Lady P says:

    are those photos taken in your kitchen? your life, your plates and dished even – are just beautiful! the cup that looks like a flower bloom is just calling to me – so lovely


  3. Concha says:

    Lady P: these photos were taken in my grandmother’s kitchen. It’s vintage paradise out there! That flower cup is from the 1920’s; my grandmother used to drink tea on it when she was very little.

    Meninheira: já vi!! Obrigada! 🙂


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