Por vezes, pessoas de diferentes nacionalidades conhecem-se, apaixonam-se e dão origem a novas pessoas. É o caso de uma menina que é simultaneamente portuguesa e dinamarquesa; loura e de olhos azuis, não deixa de ser tão lusa quanto eu. Esta boneca (uma nova versão destas duas que fiz na altura do Natal) pretende retratar esse encontro de culturas: o seu cabelo louro vem de uma camisola amarela em pura lã (que pertenceu a um tio meu quando era pequeno), os olhos azuis foram bordados e o vestido é numa chita de que gosto especialmente. Espero que a pequena Maya se identifique com a sua nova amiga.

Sometimes people from different nationalities meet, fall in love and originate new people. There is this little girl who is simultaneously Portuguese and Danish; she is blonde and has blue eyes and yet she is as Portuguese as I am. This doll (a new version of these two I made over last Christmas) is an attempt to show this cultural encounter: her blonde hair comes from an old pure wool jumper (that belonged to one of my uncles when he was a child), her blue eyes are embroided and her dress is made of a ‘chita’ (Portuguese traditional fabric) I especially love. I hope little Maya will be able to see herself in her new friend.

Esta boneca, tal como as anteriores, foi feita com base num molde da autoria da Emily Martin.
This doll, as well as the other two I made earlier, was made based on an original pattern by Emily Martin.
(images: Tiago Cabral)

15 thoughts on “Maya

  1. AnnaPaula says:

    Can I tell you that your blog is very nice ? I love sewing,knitting,crocheting and doing every thing with my hands,my ideas and of course my fantastic sewing machine too…If you like I’ll put you in my favourite links ,do you ?With friendshipAnnaPaula


  2. Anita Dawoodi says:

    Hi Constanca,We are on the same e-course.I just checked out your blog – it looks great. Seems like you have been in the blogging business for a while know – great job! Take care,Anita


  3. Concha says:

    Hi Rose,I made this doll based on a pattern Emily Martin (author of the blog ‘Inside a Black Apple’) shared on the Martha Stewart show.In this post I link to the first dolls I made: if you read that post you’ll see that I link directly to Emily. But, just in case, I’ll add those credits to this post too.Cheers,Constança


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