Não sendo eu uma adepta da televisão, há séries que adoro ver. Em particular, juro pelas séries históricas da BBC. Combinadas com uma tablete de bom chocolate preto, algumas destas séries têm o condão de transformar um domingo chuvoso num dia perfeito. Sozinha, sem interrupções. Por vezes, pela noite dentro. Estas três chegaram hoje.
Although I’m not a TV enthusiast, there are some series I love to watch. In particular, I swear by BBC’s historical series. Along with a bar of good dark chocolate, some of these series are powerful enough to transform a rainy Sunday into a perfect day. Alone, with no interruptions. Sometimes into the small hours of the night. These three arrived today.

(image: Constança Cabral)

10 thoughts on “BBC

  1. Giulietta says:

    I love your blog! It’s so colorful and creative!I agree, BBC films are great, nothing better in a rainy day. Where do you buy them? On an internet shop?ByeNicoletta


  2. Anne says:

    Hi I found you trough the Ikea articel in Dutch I really like the way your home is put together only one thing I didnt understand from the articel is why Sewing wasnt appreciated in Portugal ? I just wanted to know why. Anyways Ikea I dont know in how many countries its being publisched but thats great exposure for your blog :)! Your really lucky.Ciao , Anne


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