Homemade junk food

Sábado à tarde e está a chover… não me apetece coser, não me apetece arrumar, não me apetece ler. Já sei: vou fazer bolachas. As de Toblerone preto eram boas… e se experimentássemos substituir o chocolate por M&Ms de amendoim? Uhm, não me parece. Mas o Tiago adorou a ideia! Está bem, vamos tentar.
Saturday afternoon and it’s raining… I don’t feel like sewing, I don’t feel like tidying up, I don’t feel like reading. I know: I’m going to bake some cookies. The dark Toblerone cookies were good… what if we replace the chocolate by peanut M&Ms? Uhm, I don’t think so. But Tiago loved the idea! OK, let’s give it a try.

Bah… as cores desbotaram! Que nojo! Mas o sabor não é mau de todo. E desapareceram em menos de duas horas.
Bah… the colours ran! Disgusting! But they actually don’t taste that bad. And they disappeared in less than 2 hours.

13 thoughts on “Homemade junk food

  1. Celia says:

    There are m&m for baking. I've bought them here in Tenerife in a British products market but I am sure you can buy them online or maybe around your place in Portugal. The cookies look yummy anyway, lol…


  2. Laurence says:

    Nothing to do with the cookies but I just love the sewing pins you use! Could you tell me where you found them? Or funnier: if you wan’t something from Paris, I send it to you, and you send me back the same pins! Ok? Your work is very nice! bravo


  3. Concha says:

    Laurence, merci pour la recommandation de ‘Sur un fil’: je l’adore! C’est trop chouette! 🙂Concernant les épingles: je les ai acheté aux États Unis… desolée!


  4. Laurence says:

    Merci de la réponse si rapide! Moi aussi j’adore ce blog de surunfil! Dommage pour les épingles, je vais farfouiller sur le net! A bientôt, je viens désormais vous faire une petite visite presque tous les jours!


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