Oxo Tower, London

Mais um sítio bestial em Londres: Oxo Tower, um edifício industrial transformado em centro de design e crafts. Consegui comprar uma mão cheia de edições passadas da revista Selvedge, que trouxe embrulhadas neste papel adamascado e fio de linho tingido com pigmentos naturais.
Another great place in London: Oxo Tower, an industrial building that has been turned into a centre for design and crafts. I managed to buy a handful of past issues of Selvedge magazine, all wrapped up for me in this damask paper and naturally dyed linen string.

2 thoughts on “Oxo Tower, London

  1. khairun says:

    You’re making me miss London! I live in Lisbon but Im from the U.K It’s nice to hear someone appreciate the qualities rather than the defects (food!) of ‘minha terra’And I love your work too…suffering from sewing envy right now! I’ve just started crocheting myself. Great funAll the bestKhairun


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