Aulas de quilting / Quilting lessons

Há duas semanas comecei com aulas de quilting e não poderia ter escolhido melhor professora. Na primeira sessão aprendi a cortar e a construir os blocos; na segunda, a coser tudo e a fazer a sandwich do top, batting e backing.
Two weeks ago I started my quilting lessons. I could’t have chosen a better teacher. At the first session I learned how to cut and construct blocks; at the second one I was taught how to piece everything and how to make the top, batting and backing sandwich.

O trabalho de casa é quiltar tudo. Escolhi coser linhas a direito, pararelas aos quadrados… o problema é que não tenho walking foot (pelos vistos não há nenhum que se adapte à minha máquina de principiante). Vamos ver como corre…


My homework is to quilt it. I chose to sew straight lines that run parallel to the squares… the only problem is that I don’t own a walking foot (apparently there’s no walking foot that will fit my beginner’s sewing machine). Let’s see how it goes…

11 thoughts on “Aulas de quilting / Quilting lessons

  1. Brook says:

    Oh my gosh this is so beautiful!!! I want to learn to quilt as well! yours turned out just how I want mine to look. big squares and little squares!! cant wait to see it finished!!


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