Saídos da Concha @ ETSY

“With over 1.7 million handmade and vintage goods available on Etsy, you are sure to find that special something. Plus, shopping on Etsy means you are buying directly from independent artists and designers. There is a person and a story behind every item, and each is made with the care and attention that you just can’t find in mass-produced goods.”

Finalmente! A minha loja Esty está aberta e eu estou tão contente! Agora é ainda mais fácil adquirir as peças feitas à mão ‘Saídos da Concha’ — estão todas à distância de um clique. Há muitos babetes, porta-lenços e aventais à venda; para a semana, espero abastecer a loja de organizadores de carteira e sacos. Fiquem atentos!
Finally! My Etsy shop is now open and I’m so thrilled! Now it’s even easier to buy ‘Saídos da Concha’ handmade products — you just have to click on them. There are many bibs, tissue holders and aprons for sale — next week I’m planning on adding some purse organisers and some bags to the shop. Stay tuned!

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