No-knead bread + shop update

As experiências de fazer pão em casa continuam… Resolvi experimentar esta receita depois de ler sobre uma fantástica côdea aqui e aqui. Este método revolucionário baseia-se numa fermentação leeenta (20 horas no total) e conta com o fiel Le Creuset (ou outra panela no género) para alcançar uma côdea crocante e que não envergonharia nenhum padeiro. Pena foi (1) ter-me esquecido de pôr sal — e nós portugueses gostamos de pão salgado, não é? — e (2) o meu Le Creuset ser demasiado grande — o pão ficou achatado. De resto, estou satisfeita e recomendo!
The making-bread-at-home experiences go on… I decided to try this recipe after reading about a fantastic crust here and here. This revolutionary method is based on a slooow fermentation (20 hours total) and relies on the faithful Le Creuset (or a similar pan) to achieve a crusty crust (that’s right!) that would make any baker feel proud. Unfortunately (1) I forgot to add salt — and we Portuguese love salty bread, right? — and (2) my Le Creuset is too big — the bread got flat. Otherwise, I’m pleased and I recommend it!

E de caminho, há novos babetes na loja.

By the way, there are new bibs at the shop.

3 thoughts on “No-knead bread + shop update

  1. Linnea says:

    I’ve been meaning to try that bread ever since my aunts told me about how good it was. Yours looks nice and crusty. I don’t have a le creuset though… I have a stoneware dish that I think would work. It’s worth a try!


  2. Cris Melo, from Melo Earth says:

    I’ve been wanting to make bread at home but intimidated. Recently I learned what I want is often called “artisan breads”. This looks great, I wonder if I need this specific dish to make it work. I won’t buy it so I just have to make a test.


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