13 thoughts on “Bobbin

  1. colourdujour says:

    I am just facinated! this is so cool and now after 4o! years of sewing I understand what is going on under the throatplate. I too ran across your blog (Gingerblossom fabric) and think I’ll put you on my side bar. Love your stuff!


  2. raffie says:

    Hello,I’m a reader off your blog. And i really love it. I’ve started a blog also this week , i love sewing, baking, making stuff for my home, and i wana put that sort off things on my blog. So i was looking again on your blog and i found under the label sewing this film off a sewing machine. I love it becource thats sewing. I want to ask if i can also put this on my blog. I hope to hear from you. And the foto’s of Marakech are really inspiering thank you for that.With love raffie from Holland


  3. Raffie says:

    hai Constança, But how can i do it i can’t find it on the internet. Can you sent it to me in an e-mail?Or is there another way?greats Raffie


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