Branco total / All in white

Recentemente temos pintado alguns objectos de nossa casa… de branco. A Mafalda diz que a nossa casa se assemelha ao Olimpo, mas a verdade é que a tinta branca é óptima para cobrir madeiras desinteressantes e harmonizar estilos. Dito isto, pintámos (e uso o plural com propriedade) dois bancos e dois espelhos. O espelho da casa-de-banho tem direito a antes e depois. Estou contente!
Recently we have painted some objects in our home… white. Mafalda says our home seems Mount Olympus, but truth is white paint is a great tool for covering uninteresting wood and harmonizing styles. So we painted (and I intentionaly use the plural) two benches and two mirrors. The bathroom mirror can be seen before and after the job. I’m happy! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Branco total / All in white

  1. jaana*maaria says:

    boa tarde!In your bathroom I’d have to peak myself on order not to think I was at home: all in white, the same washstand, even the same soap bottle, the same little round mirror… :-))The large mirror looks great in white, good work.have a happy weekend!


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