Authenticity vs. "vintage"

Ainda sobre Bruxelas… Uma das boas descobertas que por lá fiz foi a loja Dille & Kamille, onde comprei tudo isto (excepto a caixa do pão). O que me entusiasmou nessa loja foi encontrar objectos tradicionais — aqueles que por vezes nos fazem correr toda a Baixa lisboeta em vão — como utensílios de cozinha em madeira e metal, frascos e etiquetas, loiça branca, brinquedos de madeira, escovas de cerdas naturais e por aí fora. E simplesmente tradicionais, sem pretensões nem tão pouco a “armar ao vintage“.


Once again about Brussels… One of the best finds over there was the shop Dille & Kamille, where I bought all this (everything but the bread box). What thrilled me about this shop was coming across traditional objects — the ones that make one search all around downtown Lisbon in vain — such as wooden and metal kitchen appliances, jars and labels, white faience, wooden toys and so on. Simple, unpretentious, traditional objects, not “vintage-y” ones.

Ao percorrer esta loja, grande e bem arrumada, ao som de música clássica, mais uma vez me apercebi de como me desagradam as coisas que fingem ser o que não são: móveis “envelhecidos”, anúncios à l’ancienne, enfim… confesso que a aparência de usado ou antigo — este enorme fenómeno do fake vintage, do qual a loja Comptoir de Famille é um bom exemplo — não vai comigo. Eu sou mais pela simplicidade e autenticidade.
While I was browsing this large, tidy shop, listening to classical music, I realised once more how much I dislike things that pretend to be what they are not: “aged” furniture, ads à l’ancienne, well… I confess that the illusion of used or old — this huge “fake vintage” phenomenon (the shop Comptoir de Famille is a good example) — isn’t my cup of tea. I prefer simplicity and authenticity.

8 thoughts on “Authenticity vs. "vintage"

  1. denice says:

    I so agree… I love old stuff and unique stuff, and I don’t really need to know it’s value or anything like that, but what really drives me crazy is shops passing off repro as “vintage.”


  2. Milk Woman says:

    Que compras fantásticas! Na verdade, assino por baixo na parte do “out with the fake vintage”. Felizmente, aqui para os meus lados, ainda vamos arranjando uns cantos esquecidos cheios de preciosidades!


  3. Fer says:

    I know what you mean. I cringe when I see new “distressed” furniture. Let furniture get aged in it’s own sweet way – with years of love, neglect and usage!! :o)


  4. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for this thought; I hadn’t particularly reflected on it, but I think you have made a very important distinction. The items you’ve shown are also things chosen for their usefulness and/or beauty, like so many old things, whereas today so many of our things (like the restaurant-style kitchens that go unused!) are selected for their appearance, or what they suggest about their owners.


  5. sabine says:

    when i was searching nice shops in brussels, i noticed your blog. i really like your pictures and interest in buttons and linen. And i also work in the shop Dille en Kamille, where you bought your little treasures for the kitchen. But i work in the shop in Antwerp (Anvers). it is nice to hear people apreciate it still. thanks and good luck.


  6. ninainvorm says:

    I definitely agree with you on the ‘fake antiques’: most of the time they’re so ugly and you can see they’re not ‘the real thing’. I think it also has to do with the fact that in old times they often made products of better quality, while the ‘vintage lookalikes’ they make these days are often of poor quality. I do like the use of certain vintage elements in a modern way, but only when a designer does something new with them. We don’t need poor copies of something that’s already been done better in the past…


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