Comprar tecidos on-line – II / Buying fabrics on-line – II

Depois deste post sobre mandar vir tecidos dos EUA, e muito irritada por ter tido duas encomendas “apreendidas” pela alfândega (apesar de eu ter cumprido o truque dos $36), resolvi virar-me para a nossa União Europeia e mandar vir tecidos (americanos) de Berlim.
A loja chama-se Volksfaden e tem óptimo aspecto. Vamos esperar para ver!
After this post about buying fabrics on-line, and very upset because the customs “apprehended” two of my packages (even though I did follow the $36 rule), I’ve decided to focus on our European Union and order (American) fabrics from Berlin.
The shop is called Volksfaden and it looks great. Let’s wait and see!

3 thoughts on “Comprar tecidos on-line – II / Buying fabrics on-line – II

  1. Tânia says:

    Já nem parece coisa deste mundo! Encomendas retidas em alfâmdegas! 😛 Já fui ver o link e tens razão, a loja parece muito bem! Fico à espera da volta do correio par dar uma espreitadela nos teus tecidos novos… 🙂


  2. Mariajaan says:

    This is not only annoying but discouraging. I blame the EU for not allowing free trade outside our borders. This protectionism is against the consumer (us) because mostly everything is cheaper elsewhere. Particularly in the US and the Americas. I really find it contradictory that I am not to enjoy my free choice of venue for shopping when I am told that I live in a country that respects individual rights and in a world that operates under a so called free market economy. I have lost plenty of items, and those not lost have been charged extra amounts of Euros for the processing of the custom procedure so much, I could not start telling you! Ufff I am sorry for this.


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