Home vs. crafts

Como já se deve ter reparado, este blog tem tido pouco de costura e muito de imagens da minha nova casa. O facto é que a máquina de costura continua no meu “atelier” (que pedante!) em casa do meu pai… Tenho sentido a falta dela, especialmente naquelas horas mortas género sete da tarde, em que já não consigo trabalhar e só me apetece coser. Tenho mesmo de a trazer cá para casa!
As you may have noticed, this blog has been showing pictures of my new home instead of crafts. The fact is my sewing machine is still in my “studio” at my father’s house… I have missed it a lot, especially around seven o’clock in the afternoon, when I can work no more and I just want to sew. I must bring it home!

4 thoughts on “Home vs. crafts

  1. AnnieB says:

    thanks for visiting my blog earlier and leaving that nice comment. Isn’t this the best bit about blog commenting – that you get to visit a gorgeous blog you might not otherwise have discovered?! I too love the photos of your new home, especially the kichen (great colours) and the photo of the tea party with your mum and gran (great cups!) but hope you get your machine back soon, for your sake.I am adding you to my bloglines and will be back to see what you get up to when you do.X


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