Manhãs / Mornings

Quando estou acordada e bem-disposta, nada me sabe melhor que uma manhã de trabalho. A minha cabeça está descansada e trabalha melhor, e não há distracções como telefones a tocar ou recados a fazer. É óptimo!
When I’m actually awake and well humoured, nothing makes me feel more accomplished that a good working morning. My brain is rested and works better and there are no distractions like phones ringing or things to be done outside. It feels great!

Passei a manhã de hoje a acabar estes babetes (molde do “bend-the-rules sewing”), feitos a partir de camisas cá de casa que já estavam a ficar velhas.

I spent today’s morning finishing up these bibs (pattern from “bend-the-rules sewing”), made from old shirts that were lying around the house.

Entretanto, no embrulho que recebi da Jennifer há uns dias vinha este vintage quilt. Achei que merecia tornar-se um quadro para a nossa casa nova.

Meanwhile, this vintage quilt was one of the goodies Jennifer sent me some days ago. It’s so beautiful it deservers to be hanging (some day soon) on our new house’s walls.

2 thoughts on “Manhãs / Mornings

  1. tweetysnest says:

    I want to make these bibs, we have the book and there are so many cute projects to do! Just wanted to say that I’ve enjoyed reading your posts from the East Coast, sounds like you had a great time.


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